Advent Course on Prayer: Hard Time Praying?

Dear friend

Please find attached the scanned material for the first session of ‘Hard Time Praying?’ the study course by Raymond Tomkinson, exploring difficulties with prayer.
Tuesdays at 1pm: 1st, 8th, 15th December 2020; 5th, 12th, 19th January 2021

The content for the sessions will be as follows:

1. Praying with God in Mind 1.12

2.. Praying through the Gauze 8.12

3. Praying in Hard Times (particularly relevant, although written well before Covid-19) 15.12

4. Praying to Distraction 5.1.21

5. Praying God’s Purpose 12.1.21

6. Praying with Props 19.1.21

The meeting credentials are as follows:

ID: 881 3648 0977
Password: 908530

St Mary’s Church KENNINGTON
Ashford Town Parish
01233 513 959Chapter 1-pages 8-13


Chapter 1- page 7

Chapter 1-pages 8-13