Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me

John 14:1

The death of a loved one is a very difficult time in our lives.  We, as a Church, want to give  you the best support we can.

When a funeral needs to be arranged, the Funeral Director usually contacts us and then acts as a liaison between the family and the church as to where and when the funeral service will take place. If you would like any help before the service is booked, however, please feel free to call us directly at the church office.  Once it is booked, we will meet with you to plan the service you would like for your loved one.

One thing we feel very strongly about is this: we do not want to ‘enforce’ a religious rite upon you.  We, as Christians, believe the death and resurrection of Jesus shows us that there is life beyond this one; that we do have ‘an eternity’ to go on to. This gives hope, however fragile it may feel in our grief, that we will be reunited with the loved ones we have lost.  We find that most people, regardless of what they think about God, hope and believe this to be true.  Some find comfort in a more traditional service led by a minister with church robes, the organ or choir, etc.  Others are uncomfortable with a religious ritual which may be unfamiliar.  Please let us know what would help you best.  Our desire is to create a service, in the crematorium or the church, which best supports you as we commit your loved one to God’s loving care.

The death of a loved one is also a critical ‘rite of passage’ in our lives.  We therefore pledge to support you as best we can in the weeks and months after the service.  We welcome you to join our special ‘Service of Light’, which is held on the last Sunday of October, to remember those we have lost.  At this service we specifically name those who have died in the last year and invite all present to mention others by name whom they wish to remember at that time. You will also be invited to a ‘Tea’ not long after the funeral at which will be others in your situation and in which you will hear of other support we offer, including from ‘CRUSE’ , the bereavement counsellors.

Please call us at any time if we can be of further help and support to you.