Home Bible Study and Fellowship Groups

Have you ever thought of joining a Home Bible Study and Fellowship Group, or even of studying the Bible daily on your own?

Perhaps you feel you cannot afford the time.

Perhaps you fear being locked in a room with a group of solemn aspirant theologians.

Perhaps you think you are well versed in the significant events of the Old and New Testaments and require no further knowledge than that which is offered weekly at St Mary’s or the Community Centre.

Well, none of these doubts are true!

There are five groups in the parish, three meet weekly, one fortnightly  and one meets monthly on the second Thursday in the month. None lasts for more than 1½ hours. To quote Frank Acott who used to lead the Thursday House Group, “relating our Lord’s words to our daily lives means sharing our experiences, our difficulties and our beliefs. Sometimes to learn to help each other to understand the teaching can be fun as well as at times serious.”

There is great joy to be had in coming across unfamiliar passages, or being offered a sudden insight by other members of the group, or being reminded of a forgotten fact. How many of us remember that Zacharias was struck deaf and dumb for challenging Gabriel’s announcement that

Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you are to give him the name John.

Luke 1:13 

So do give Bible Study some thought. As Derek and Anita Sorrell say of their group (Monthly Thursday group)  “We do not see ourselves as Bible experts, so we very much appreciate everyone’s input.”

The Tuesday evening house group that meet at the home of Patrick and Julie Gallagher starts at 8pm and finishes at 9-30pm. We are a happy, relaxed group who enjoy listening, sharing and discerning God’s word and his will for our lives.

Yvonne Wharrad

Our small group (5) meets every other Tuesday at 2 pm.  We have almost finished studying Hebrews (a joy) and are looking at the possibility of studying Revelation after Easter if a suitable guide can be found.  We meet at one of our members’ home and would welcome only 1 or 2 new members as space is restricted.
Tim Evers
So, just a list of current groups :
Tuesday at 8.00pm. Hosted by Julie & Patrick Gallagher
Tuesday at 2.00pm (fortnightly) Hosted by Tim Evers
Thursday at 7.30pm (Monthly on second Thursday of the month).Hosted by Anita & Derek Sorrell
Anyone wishing to join the groups will be made very welcome.
If you would like more information about any of these groups please contact the Church Office 01233 664820