Who we are

In this section, many churches write a great deal about what they believe. We are not going to do that. Suffice to say we are bible-based in our teaching and beliefs.  We want to apply the time-tested beliefs of the Church in a contemporary, relevant way.

Here are some links to more information about the truths that we hold dear:

The Nicene Creed


The 39 Articles


The Lausanne Covenant


Our Vision

Our Mission statement is: ‘To take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person in Kennington through Word and Action.

Why? Because God has shown His love for us all in Jesus. It’s so wonderful we want to share it with everyone.

Our Values

To help us as a Church Family we have adopted 5 values:

  • ‘Bless’ – we want to make an intentional effort to be a blessing to each other.
  • ‘Eat’ – we find that a cup of coffee or a meal helps build good friendships.
  • ‘Listen’ – we bring our requests to God in prayer, but we want to listen to him as well.
  • ‘Learn’ – we want to take every opportunity to learn, through bible reading, individual study, sermons, home-groups, Alpha courses, etc.
  • ‘Sent’ – we are ‘sent’ by Jesus to share His Good News. We want to be creative, relevant and respectful in how we do that.

These five values are a memorable acronym: ‘B.E.L.L.S.’

You can find out more about how we are implementing this under BELLS.